Mica Flakes

Muscovite Mica Flakes available in Fine, Medium & Coarse

Quick Seal

Lost Circulation Material (LCM) also known commonly as Quick Seal

Walnut Shell

Walnut Shell also known as Nut Plug

Fibro Seal

Fibro Seal available in Fine, Medium & Coarse

Company Introduction

Pravik Minerals Ltd is a professionally managed association. actively engaged in manufacturing and exporting of Minerals. We are prominent manufacturer and exporter of Mica Flakes, Quick Seal, Calcium Carbonate, Oil Drilling Fluids, Lost Circulation Material (LCM), Walnut Shell. Our minerals are scientifically processed. They are acknowledged because they are very effective in uses and performance.

Owing to our manufacturing expertise and in-depth knowledge of the field. We have established ourselves as a reliable manufacturers and exporters in India. And throughout the world which includes Iran, Middle East and Gulf Countries. We are hereby committed to bring you Quantiy & Quality to the clients.

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